Suit Patriot - Cheap accommodation in Prague


Our brand new suit is located in a neighbourhood of villas in Prague 4 – Kunratice. For its attractiveness, this part of Prague is often visited by tourists and local inhabitants.

Regarding the transport, there is a bus station 3 minutes from the suit. The bus will take you to the metro station Kacerov (line C). The total time spent on the way to the city centre is approximately 20 minutes.


Sports activities

Even though the suit is not situated far from the centre, it also offers a wide range of sports activities.

  • An extensive web of cyclist paths connects both banks of the river Vltava and Vyšehrad and allows you to go safely around the whole city and surrounding parks.
  • Aquapalace Cestlice with its water attractions – artificial waves, children's padding pool, three water chutes, six helter-skelters and an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool.
  • It is also possible to hire four-wheel drives.
  • During the summer you can enjoy swimming in surrounding ponds.

Social life

Kunratice on its own has rich history and tempts you to enjoy a walk in its surroundings. A big enticement is St. Jacob´s senior church (built in the Baroque style) with a vast park. You can also visit a reconstructed cloister where you can sit for a while in a calm restaurant, café or patisserie.


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